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Welcome to The Elite Federation Of Fighters Website!!!

The Elite Federation Of Fighters (or E.F.F.) purpose is to provide quality Mixed Martial Arts competitions in the Michigan Area.  Although Michigan based, the E.F.F. is not limited to Michigan residents.  Everyone is encouraged to compete! 

Welcome To Professionalism and Consistency!!!

Tired of wondering when the next fight will be?  Tired of events where the fighters are treated poorly?  Well fight for the E.F.F.!  The Elite Federation Of Fighters is ALL ABOUT THE FIGHTERS!  We will highlight various fighters, schools, and coaches throughout the year with photographs from each event AND interviews.  You will ALWAYS be able to come to this website to track the progression of various fighters records/careers as well as upcoming E.F.F. events.  The E.F.F. is the new age of amateur Mixed Martial Arts!

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